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April 24, 2002

Meet Winston!

Winston's foster mom says Winston is very sweet and gets along with other dogs and cats (although he does chase the cats for a game some times.) He is being neutered this week and will then be ready for a new home. He is about 1.5 - 2 years old and weighs about 7 lbs. He is a black rough griff with natural ears. No young children for this guy - he is just too small.

NOTE: Winston will not leave New Jersey for his new home. If you are interested in him you must complete our Adoption Application and fill in references. We will do a home visit so please don't apply if we cannot come to your home. Contact Vicki with questions.

May 10, 2002


Winston has been adopted!

June 18, 2002

A letter from Winston:

Winston here. Finally settled in. It was rough going for a while. My new Mom actually had me up on Petfinder.org and Griffon rescue had me posted. Every time a new email would come in I would get worried that I was going to have to move again. It hasn't been an easy 1 1/2 yrs. Born in a puppy mill, shipped to a pet store, purchased by "the first lady", resold again at 6 months to "the second lady", lived for almost 1 yr with more animals than any of you can imagine, which brings me to the present. I am not sure what is in store for me, but at least I have sisters and a brother who love me and although I have my own bed, I get to sleep in "THE BIG BED".

From Winston's Foster Mom:

Vicki asked me to write something she could post on the website regarding Winston. I have thought about it and am at a loss to explain how I ended up with another dog.

I do rescue. I have fostered many animals and have been responsible for placing too many dogs and cats to count. I have never had more than 2 dogs at one time. My family consists of a 11 1/2 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback, 6 yr old Doberman Mix, and 2 cats 10 & 6 yrs old. Oh, and a wonderful husband who hates to admit he lives with an animal "NUT".

When the call came in that we were removing a number of animals from a collector's house, I said I would foster the Griffon. Didn't even know what it was. Hadn't ever seen one in person. Was sure that a relatively rare breed would be easy to place so I posted him, told my husband I was bringing a little guy home for a few days and told the girls at work the delivery was coming around 5 pm and they should all stay to see the new foster.

He came in a cat carrier. The former owner didn't even say good-bye to him. When I asked what he ate she said "anything." I took the carrier and went back upstairs to my office. I noticed the smell in the elevator, by the time we got to my lobby everyone waiting could smell him before they saw him. Not one-person even wanted to pet him. I put him back in the carrier, drove with my windows down, put him immediately in the sink, and tried to clean him up. He looked like a mop. There were dread locks all over him. He was very frightened but showed no aggression at all no matter what we did to him. I called a local groomer, said I was rescue, had a Brussels Griffon and could they groom him for me. By the next Morning he was so bonded to me, that I couldn't leave his sight without his getting really upset. The grooming didn't really help as they kept him 5 hrs and when I picked him up he was very upset. I had warned them he had never had a collar on and would try to hang himself. I learned this the first night when I tried to walk him. They didn't listen I guess, when I picked him up they said I was right and when they put him in the noose he almost hung himself.

He is not housebroken, but I didn't really think he would be coming from the environment he was living in. My dogs seemed to like him, even after he went after them for coming near his mother. He was sure I was his mother by the next morning.

I held out and agitated over what to do. Should I place him and make it home #3? Who would want an unhousebroken dog who was so afraid of everything? To this day, if a paper falls off of my desk anywhere near the doggie bed which he sleeps in next to my feet, he is up and across the room. Don't even want to think what has happened in his short life.

On the following Thursday, he was neutered and that Friday morning we left for the "No Puppy Mill March in Harrisburg Pa." He is a wonderful traveler. Won't leave my side and sleeps in the car no matter how long you are driving. He was a hit at the Boston Terrier Rescue table we were at. Told everyone he was a Puppy Mill Boston Terrier.

Winston's parents are in a Mill. I have tried to get Winston's papers so we can find out who sold his parents into slavery. I am very sure if they are not already dead they are still living in the horror we call The Puppy Mill.

Update: Winston has totally settled in. He insists upon being taken to the park daily with his sisters and running around like a big dog. He has bonded to my 6 yr. old Doberman mix and when he isn't at my side he is at hers. My husband called me at work and said that Winston was sitting up with his back to Curley's shoulder and all he could think of when he looked at them was the "Mike Hard Lemonade" Commercial where the guy has a small head growing out of his shoulder.

I would truly like to thank you for all the help when I was thinking about placing Winston. I now know he has been placed in his "Forever home" here.




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