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November 13, 2008

Meet Willow!

Willow is a seven pound petite little angel. She is shy at first, but has become very loyal. She is wary of strangers and loves to bark at them and other dogs. Willow does not like crowds or new situations. She gets frightened very easily and stressed with too many people around. She seems to appreciate the status quo and one on one time with one or two people.

Every now and then she gets jolts of energy and will take off running as fast as she can. So she likes to run and play a bit. She likes other dogs and cats despite the fact that the cats are bigger than she is. She has even tried to take over as pack leader in the hierarchy of dogs.

Oh, but you have to watch Willow closely. She is an escape artist and climber. She can climb fences and can’t be left to her own devices because she will get into the cat food that is strategically placed out of the reach of dogs.

Willow is house trained but hates the cold & rain and has to be made to go outside in those circumstances as is typical for many Griffons. That means her new “parents” will have to take her out in the rain and go outside with her in the cold. But then she loves to wear her sweater so that might help.

Willow is five years old. As good and as sweet as Willow is, she is not a good dog for a family with an active social life. She would not fare well with young children. She doesn’t travel well either.

Now to the right person or couple with patience and an established home Willow would make a great, loving pet. Again, she is very loyal and she is so loving. She has this “me first” attitude and she will just throw herself at you to be loved on and petted once she trusts you. It is really adorable. It’s heart melting the way she looks up at you and paws you. If you don’t stop what you are doing, she moves in closer and closer and the next thing you know she is right in the middle of whatever you are trying to do! That’s Willow! With time and patience she could likely overcome some of her insecurities but one must be willing to accept her as she is completely to earn her trust and become her forever family.

Willow is heartworm negative and on preventative. She is up to date on all shots. microchipped, and spayed.

Willow is located in Pensacola, FL.

If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application. If you would like more information, please contact Lisa.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

December 10, 2008


Willow has been Adopted!

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