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October 13, 2006

Meet Wendy!

We are looking for a SPECIAL NEEDS home for Wendy.

You can read Wendy’s saga below. Wendy went to a new foster home in Pennsylvania at the end of October. Since that time she has had a great deal of devoted time from her foster mom and she is coming around little by little. We feel that the time has come for Wendy to find a new forever home. Wendy needs a quiet home where someone is around most of the time as she suffers from some separation anxiety. She needs a confident well adjusted dog or two to play with.

Wendy has warmed up to her foster dad after a bit of time and now she climbs up in his lap to nap when they are relaxing in front of the tv – so she is OK with both men and women. She is pretty well housebroken but may need a bit of work in that area when she makes the next move. She walks well on a leash.

Wendy barks a lot when strangers come to the house – but if you put a leash on her it calms her a lot. She does calm down after a few minutes. She appreciates it when people move slowly and calmly – she gets scared if you move too quickly.

Wendy is progressing really well and I think she will make a great companion for a quiet home with another dog. She absolutely LOVES to run and play with the other dogs and the exercise seems to help her relax. She even wrestles around with the other dogs now – it’s delightful.

Wendy is now located in a foster home in Pennsylvania.

If you would like more information, contact Vicki. If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

Frieda/ Wendy's story begins July 15 2004

Little Frieda was rescued from a shelter in New Hampshire that had recently acquired several dogs from a breeding facility. She is extremely timid and needed a foster home to give this little girl a chance at a somewhat normal life opposed to what she's been living at a breeding kennel.

Although her breeder said she is a Brussels Griffon we feel she is a Brussels Griffon Wantabee. She is a small dog about 2 years old and in time we hope will make a loving companion in a quiet home with one adult.

August 4, 2004 she was adopted! Freida's name was changed to Wendy. Her adoptive Mom must now give her up. She writes the following:

I've had Wendy for a little over two years and it's been quite a bumpy road for the both of us. Last time I talked with you I was concerned about all the crate time she was having to do because of my work schedule. Wendy continues to be extremely hyper--skittish, fearful, nervous, shivering and shaking etc etc. It's to the point where I feel her quality of life is seriously compromised.

Things came to a head this summer--I wanted to go away on vacation (my first in several years), but I literally could not find a kennel that would consider taking Wendy because of her severe emotional/behavioral problems. It was suggested I try her on medication. My vet put her on Prozac which initially seemed to calm her down a bit. I was able to work with a kennel, we did some "day care" visits and I went on vacation for four days. Wendy hasn't been the same since I got back. She has adopted a host of new bizarre behaviors. I wondered whether they were caused by the Prozac--my vet thought not and her dosage has been doubled. I'm not a fan of medication and certainly not for animals. The higher dose does not seem to be having any effect on her.

I'm feeling like I need to be rescued at this point. My life has been dictated to by the foibles of this dog. My granddaughter cannot visit without Wendy barking insanely (from inside her crate), for the entire duration of the visit. In fact when anyone visits, or a delivery man comes on to the porch, poor Wendy goes bonkers barking and becoming extremely agitated.

I've come to the decision that I don't want to live my life like this--I can't live my life like this. In many ways, Wendy is a sweet little dog---she is severely maladjusted. Would your rescue foundation take her back and find her a home with someone who can do some therapeutic work with her? Or someone who is home all the time and would keep Wendy with them at all times? Or should she be put down? I'm so sorry it has come to this. I feel very guilty and like I've failed this dog.

She has certainly had a miserable life. What are you thoughts, and can you help me?

January 21, 2007


Wendy has been Adopted!

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