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September 29, 2002

Meet Sybil!

Although her name is Sybil this little ones personality is nothing but sweet, sweet, sweet. The person that adopts this 7 year old red smooth gal is getting the dog of a lifetime.

Sybil came to us just after the Fourth of July this past summer. She had extremely bad knees so had to spend the rest of July building muscle for her pending surgery. Syb moved right in just like she had been here all of her life. Made herself at home on the couch in my in-house office and has yet to give up that spot. She is housebroken to the nines. She's had one accident in the house and it was only after her August ($1200) surgery. There is not a shy bone in her body and she greets everyone with a happy bark and tail wag. If she has a drawback it is that she wants to be with you at all times and will squeeze through any opening to get to where you are, so a fence with no spaces in the gate area is a must.

Sybil gets along fine with my adult girls and has run with my pack of six with the occasional "you bumped into me" squabble. I have never tested her with puppies or small children, as we have neither. She enjoys being cuddled, held and petted. She is that rare jewel of a rescue dog: outgoing, happy and very adaptable.

Sybil is still recovering from her double knee surgery. The hair has grown back on her legs and she is getting along rather well. We do limit her exercise, as she is all heart and would push herself too much if we allowed her to do so. She occasionally limps on the left hind leg when she's over extended herself.

This is one special little dog and she's going to worship whomever she's placed with so make sure you have it in your heart to adore her too.

Sybil is located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

If you would like more information, contact Pat Kolesar or Margie Simon. If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

October 12, 2002
New and improved Sybil waiting for her new family to pick her up

October 20, 2002


Sybil has been Adopted!

October 24, 2002

An update from Sybil's new family:

Sybil is growing on us every day in every way. After a couple of minor confrontations with Sophie, the griff, and Willow, the Chihuahua, she has established her position in our household. She loves being with Sophie, and they go out in the backyard together and love each other's company. She also has no fear of our Bouvier, even though initially he had the hots for her. Now she likes him also, but not in that way. We have found her on occasion laying down next to his big paws.

At about 7 years old, she has the energy and playfulness of a puppy. She loves giving kisses to all of us and likes to roll on her back so we can scratch her tummy. Unfortunately, she doesn't share our king-size bed. She has been sleeping in my daughter's bed from day one.

Sybil is so active that at times we can see her back legs bothering her, but her legs are getting stronger every day. We couldn't be any happier that we now share our home and our lives with her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Jerry, Katie, and Gavi

Sybil with her new best friend, Sophie



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