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November 11, 2005

Meet Sophie!

Sophie was owner surrendered. She weighs 17 pounds, and has lots of love to give. She does not do well with children, and would like to be your only pet.

Sophie has been spayed, is heartworm negative, and is on preventive medication. She's on Advantage, up on all her shots, and appears to be very healthy. She loves to go on walks, does well in the car, and is clean in the house.

Sophie likes to get up and snooze on the couch or your bed if she gets the chance. She will be two years old soon. She has been in a negative situation in the past, and you will have to earn her trust at first. It will be well worth the trouble! Sophie is being fostered in Middle Tennessee.

If you would like more information, contact Margie Simon. If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

November 18, 2005


Sophie has been Adopted!

Thank you so much for placing your trust in us.I've forwarded the email and pics of Sophie's first night with us, and yes, we are (including her) in love. She is such a sweet girl. You know, it seems like it was meant to be - I will keep everyone posted on her- I'm already becoming devoted to these little Griffons and want to learn everything. Who knows, in the future once everything is settled in here, we will be able to "pay it forward" and will be more than willing to be a foster home. (the one picture is Wes's brother who lives next door, she immediately went to him and made friends too!)

Debbie, Wes, Bud and Sophie!

December 14th Update

Sophie has settled in! She acts like she rules the place. She went to the groomer finally last Sat and looks so good! When Wes first took her, she snapped at Leslie (groomer) but it was because Les was trying to take her from Wes. She is totally devoted to him, his little shadow. She had Wes just put her on the table and leave, and then Sophie was fine. Leslie says she did wonderful. I got home from work and she was prancing around showing off for me. She has even started playing fetch with Wes. She has a plush ball that she loves.

I am back to work full time, and I just love it when she runs to greet me at the door, and "dances" for her head rubs! We went on a long weekend trip 2 weeks ago, and couldn't take her. She stayed with friends of ours and did wonderful. When we went to pick her up she was so happy to see us, played with us, and then went and jumped back in my friend Betty's lap! She has made a friend there! They just love her, as we do.

Sophie "helped" me put the Christmas tree up, and has not even offered to bother it. She has her own stocking, and it has some little goodies in it already! She is eating just fine now, and actually can be a little pig, will eat all her food, and then come begging! She is totally a member of the family and loves us, as we do her! Its been a win-win situation all around.


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