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July 26, 2005

Meet Posie!

Note: This dog is not in our program.
This is a courtesy listing only, to assist in finding him/her a home.

Posie spent the first half of her life living in a multiple dog household and has never received one-on-one attention. She has been experiencing new things since coming to our shelter such as walking on a leash, spending quality time with people and learning the rules of housetraining.

Due to her previous history and shy nature, Posie would do best in an quiet, adults only household. New parents would need to understand the techniques involved with socializing a shy dog like hand-feeding all meals to promote positive interactions with strangers. Best suited to experienced home.

Posie is located at the Bucks County SPCA in Lahaska, PA. For more information on Posie email them at bucspca@voicenet.com

October 18, 2005


Posie has been Adopted!

December 9, 2005 Update:

Hi, I am the person who adopted Posie and just wanted to give you an update. Posie is not Posie anymore, her new name is Josie and she is doing so well. Josie is an absolute sweetheart, she was extremely scared at first but has come so far in just the 2 months she has been with me. She is allowing me to pick her up which she would not do at first, and she actually enjoys being bathed and groomed, I truly believe she knows I am trying to make her look pretty and she enjoys that. She has even started to eat dog bones, which sounds strange but she would not touch any kind of dog bone what so ever, I don’t think she understood what they were or that she was “allowed” to have them. But, in the past couple of weeks she has been eating and enjoying them.

I have an 8 year old shih-tzu as well and they have been getting along better, it was a little touchy at first, Josie was on the defensive around my other dog but has been so much better. After she understood the other dog was not going to hurt her, she calmed down so much. It just took time.

I went to New Orleans back in the beginning of October, I did volunteer work with the animal search and rescue teams and as soon as I got back home, I went to my local SPCA to adopt a dog and found Josie there, the moment I opened the door, she looked at me as if I was her savior, and she came home with me that same night. She has been getting very spoiled and deserves every minute of it, after what she has been through. She is such a wonderful dog, and she will always have a home with me. Thank you to your organization for what you do, and for these dogs lives that you help save.


January 2006


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