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May 5, 2003

Meet Mattie!

Mattie is a 10 pound red rough female griffon who has had a very hard life. She was born and raised in a puppy mill. She was doomed to life in a cage giving birth to as many puppies as possible...until her "Guardian Angel" intervened.

Her Angel in the form of the local sheriff confiscated Mattie from her owner because of the horrible condition she was in. Her hind leg had been caught in the small wire cage where she was kept and had been severely broken. The owner had removed the embedded wire but had done nothing else to treat her leg which had become infected. Her leg was so badly damaged it could not be saved and had to be amputated.

Mattie's physical wounds have healed and she gets along extremely well on three legs. She is a happy girl with a constant grin on her little face, loves other dogs and loves to play with toys. She's slowly learning to trust humans. This will take lots of time and patience...but we feel she will one day be a great companion for the right person. Her age is unknown but she is not an old dog and has quite a few good years ahead of her.

Mattie is located in a foster home in Texas where she is learning to live as a house pet. She is looking for a family that will love and understand her. She needs someone with patience as trust comes slowly to Mattie.

If you would like more information, contact Margie. If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

October 5, 2003


Mattie has been Adopted!

November 19, 2003
From Mattie's new Mom

What seems in some ways a lifetime ago (but was in fact about 8 years), I was sitting at my computer in Oregon, looking to adopt a small dog that might fit in with the 3 dogs who already shared my life. Somehow I wandered on to the National Brussels Griffon Rescue web page, and saw my first Griffy face. To make a long story short I talked with a number of people and decided to drive to Wisconsin to rescue a little Griffon who was being fostered there. When I arrived, the foster mom showed me the one I had come to adopt, and also a little one who had been so badly abused in the puppy mill she was rescued from, that she wouldn't even move very much or make eye contact. I ended up rescuing the one who stood less chance of being adopted, and home we went.

By the time I arrived, Allie was my dog. She would follow me everywhere. It took many years before anyone else could hold her. However, once she "got it" that we were soul mates she blossomed. She was so brave, so smart, so loving and such a survivor! We lived together for about 7 years. We rescued one another in many ways during that time. I learned more about myself in those years than I would have believed possible. She was my angel!

Allie developed a malignant mammary tumor about a year ago, which we believe metastasized to her brain and caused severe seizures. I helped her leave for The Rainbow Bridge 3 months ago, and part of me went with her. Someday I'll join her there.

Before Allie left me, I promised her that I would always try to have a little one like her in my life. I believe she understood and liked my promise. Low and Behold, last Friday. November 14, 2003, another Allie entered my life. Maddie, different in many ways, but possessing that survivor quality I so admired and respected, now looks at me through her crate door, almost daring me to make a difference in her life. The Allie I carry in my heart smiles when I whisper to Maddie "soon you'll know you're safe and that I love you." Allie loved it when I sang her songs with her name in them. Now I sing the same songs as I climb into Maddie's crate to pet her, only using "Maddie" instead of "Allie" in the songs I sing.

Somehow Maddie's arrival has softened Allie's leaving. Do you think she planned it that way?

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