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February 24, 2003

Meet George!

George is an elderly 5-6 pound Brussels Griffon who needs a loving home for his declining years. He was brought to an animal shelter by his owner who was moving. At the moment he is at the shelter located in central PA about 45 minutes west of State College.

Although it is obvious he is elderly he seems to be in good health and is adapting well to new situations. This sweet little old man needs a home where someone will hold him and love him. If you are this person please contact Margie Simon . If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application.

George is located in central PA.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

March 1, 2003


George has been Adopted!

A Message From George...

Hi, you guys at the shelter. George here. Those people left your shelter today and carried me out to their little red car. I think I slept most of the way to their house because I don't remember much about the trip after the lady wrapped me in a blanket. They have a shih tzu here by the name of Leroy. Leroy followed me everywhere I went and kept trying to play with me. He's just a kid of 9 months, so he is still "full of it". I went in the bathroom and peed on the washable underpad they keep on the floor in there for Gidget and the others. The lady patted me on the head and kept telling me what a good boy I am. I guess I got 'em wrapped around my little paw already. Then I got a b-a-t-h. They used shampoo and everything! Then I got a blow dry to make me fluffy. Gawd! They'll probably want to give a a haircut, next...

We went to the vet tonight. The vet said I weigh 7 pounds and need to gain some weight. He said I have infection in my gums and need that "fang" pulled out because it's about ready to fall out. I got my first dose of "wormer" and the vet also gave us an antibiotic for my gums. He said I'd feel better and be able to eat better after I got the infection cleared up. He seemed like a right nice guy. Two vets, a vet tech and the office girls were all in the exam room looking at me and doing stuff to me. They put a stick up my butt, and they got out the snapper thing and cut my toe nails. I growled at everybody, but it didn't scare anybody, so I stopped doing it. They seemed OK, but, then, what do I know? I'm just a dog!

Well, today when we got home from the vet, these new people gave me some of the canned food you sent home with me. I ate half a can. Then they gave me some thawed frozen Bil Jac for dessert. I gobbled it all down, then layed down in a doggy bed for a nap. Someone put a blanket over me, and made me feel all warm and cozy.

Love & Licks,

June 22, 2003

Update on the little love of my life....Georgeeee.... I am so endeared to this little guy, and he is to me, but then Brussels Griffon's are all like that.

He is jumping and walking, barking, Georgeeee dancing (which is adoreable), and acts like he was here his whole life. His daily meds turned him into a 5 year old dog, not a 14 year old dog.

I love this little guy soooo much, I do not know how I will handle it when he goes to doggie heaven, but that isn't going to be for at least another 6 years, he is surely going to live to be 20. He thinks he is.

Gabby has been very very ill. Finally they diagnosed her with COPD the same thing people get. She is doing very well now. I have an entire "Doggie Geratrics" here.

Sooo wanted to let you know Georgeeeee is well and I can't imagine what I did before he came to me, it feels like he was mine allways.

Sincerely, Maggee and Georgeeee's family "


October 23, 2004
Sad Update

Hello Marjorie.... I need to update my rescue from almost 2 years ago of George., from St. College, Pa.

George passed away at assumedly 17 years old. He had a multitude of physical problems at 15 when I got him. I loved this little old guy sooooo much. My heart and soul are absolutely broken. He now waits at the "Rainbow" "Bridge" in heaven for me. In the end always in my vets care, every time he blinked I have him there. This time his kidneys gave out. He was on a regement of medications to keep him going.

This time there wasn't any more I could do. He did not hear, nor see, as one eye was ulcerated when I got him. That did get better with time. He had a heart murmur. His teeth were removed when I got him as they were rotten in his jaw and was infected terriblely and was on antibiotic till the end because of infection and his age. His hip was the worst the vets say they had seen, but, assured me he did not have pain from that.

George was the most loving dog I have ever had. I miss him everyday. My life feels so empty without him. My other Brussels and Shihtzu can't understand where he got to.

God Blessed me so much to be able to have George in my life for that short time. Thank you for having such a wonderful organization.

Sincerely, Maggee Simonton


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