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November 10, 2003

Meet Desi!

Desi is a tiny beautiful black Griffon. She's only about a year old, weighs barely 7 pounds and the sweetest little dog you'll ever meet. She loves everybody and everything. She's so full of joy that it's hard to believe that she's had such a rocky start in life. She has charmed everyone that has come into contact with her.

Desi came to rescue through a contact in Missouri. She came from a puppymill that no longer wanted her because of her birth defects. At first we were told she had extremely bad knees...well, that was a MAJOR understatement. Not only are both knees in extremely bad condition and need reconstructive surgery, both hips are in the same condition. Her right leg is malformed and never really touches the ground. She holds it more or less up under her and hops on 3 legs as best she can. She's full of energy but is unable to run and play like a normal puppy because of these defects that were probably there from birth.

We've taken Desi to a university Veterinary Hospital for assessment and treatment. NBGR will fix Desi's problems. The proposed surgeries will allow her to walk and run more or less normally for the first time in her life. She may have a small limp but she will have 4 functional legs. Can you imagine her joy when she's able to run and play for the first time in her life! That's several surgeries and several months away but it will happen. As you can imagine, this is an expensive undertaking for us. The cost of the surgeries is estimated to be over $3000.

Desi will not be ready for adoption for at least 6 months or so...until all of the surgeries are complete and healed. If you wish to help us with Desi's medical bills, send your check payable to NBGR, Inc. to:

National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 631095
Houston, TX 77263

Or, if you prefer, you can donate through our secure Paypal Account:
All donations to NBGR are tax-deductible.

Desi is located in a foster home in Kansas.

If you would like more information, contact Bethann Lane. If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.


Update: October 3, 2003

Desi had her first surgery today and all went very well. They fixed the right knee (standard luxating patella surgery). They were able to straighten the bones in her right leg enough to allow it a more natural angle and to touch the ground. All is secured with metal plates and rods. They reconstructed the left knee making a groove for the kneecap to set normally. She went home with her foster mom for 2-3 months of recuperation.

Desi's second surgery will be scheduled after the first one heals. In this surgery, they will surgically repair both hips. She will return to her foster home again and be encouraged to use both legs. This shouldn't be much of a problem as much as this little Griffy is ready to go!

Update: October 20, 2003

Desi's foster mom called to report that Desi is healing very nicely and the major challenge now is to keep her quiet enough to allow the knees and reconstructed leg to heal. She's ready to be up and around but that's not possible yet. She's just a little wiggling bundle of love! She already wants to use the "new" leg and doesn't hesitate to touch it to the ground.

Update: February 29, 2004

Desi is expected to undergo her second round of surgery in the beginning of March and will hopefully be ready for her forever home after recuperation and rehab.

June 11, 2004


Desi has been Adopted!

FINAL UPDATE!! Desi had her final orthopedic surgery (on both hips) at the end of March. In the beginning of June, 2004, she had her last follow-up at the hospital where all her surgery was performed, and got a glowing report! Desi is doing very well, due in large part to the wonderful care she received in her foster home. She will continue physical therapy (walking/swimming) but her muscle tone is improving steadily.

During this long, intense and emotional journey a very special bond developed between Desi and her foster mother. After much lengthy discussion and thought, Desi's foster mother felt she wanted to adopt Desi - and, we decided that after all the trauma Desi had gone through, this is what would be best for her. Desi is now 20 months old, and the only loving home she has ever known will be her forever home. She is loved and adored by her family, both human and canine, and has been given a second chance at a long and healthy life. Happy Endings don't get any happier than that!

September 11, 2005
Update from Desi's new Mom

Hi Beth,
I finally got a digital camera and I'm slowly learning how to use it. Here is the latest picture of Desi. Thought you might enjoy seeing it. She is doing great and is beyond spoiled rotten. LOL



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