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May 27, 2004

Meet Charlie!

Charlie was purchased from a breeder in Nebraska by a college gal who wanted an adolescent BG. She soon realized that he required much more attention that she and her two roommates could give him and turned him over to rescue in early May.

We are very grateful to Lisa Percy who volunteered to foster him and drove from Pensacola, FL to Chapel Hill, NC to pick Charlie up from his owner. Lisa not only drove 10 hours each way to get Charlie, she donated the cost of her gas to rescue. Her Veterinarian even gave Charlie a free check-up.

Help from people like Lisa Percy is what allows our rescue program to work. Thank you Lisa. Lisa has been keeping a diary on Charlie and sending wonderful pictures. Charlie has been adopted by Lisa's brother and sister-in-law who sent the following email:

"Faye here. Just thought I would write and let you know that we arrived in Pensacola. After many calls with Lisa we both agreed that since it was so late that I should meet Charlie Friday morning."

"Charlie and I met and it was love at first sight for both of us. After visiting with him for a few hours we decided that we should take Charlie. We were staying at my husband's parents house. As soon as we got to their house and removed his leash he became my Griff. He has followed me all over the place everywhere I go he goes. After a few hours, Lisa decided to drop by. He went to her and greeted her his eyes didn't leave me. When she put him down he was right back with me and continued to follow me for the rest of the night. Lisa went to work and he didn't mind her leaving. He is so wrapped up in me. He slept with us last night. I take him for walks and he has been really good with his business outside. He seems to listen to me."

"We came home today. Wow!!! what a long drive. Charlie didn't mind though he spent the whole time in my lap and was content. We stopped once and he didn't want to go do his business, instead he wanted a drink of water. He loves his new home and has met my inside cat Sweetie. She hisses and he just doesn't care. He hasn't even tried to chase or bark at her. Other than hissing she has sniffed him and with time they will become friends. He has also met my flying squirrel, he dances on his hind legs watching her."

"As I am writing to you Charlie is at my feet laid down. He smiles a lot. Just thought I would write and let you know that Charlie and I, we love each other. Instant friends and companions."


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