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August 16, 2000

Meet Barbie!

Here's Barbie. She weighs about 12-14 lbs and has a pretty, although not griffy, face. Sadly, she has lost, I estimate, about 80-90% of her vision due to untreated dry eye. We're going to try some meds to see if they help but there may not be anything that we can do much about it at this point. She's good with large shapes but misses the small ones and steps on them. She compensates remarkably and next time navigates through the same area without a hitch. I hope we can find her a home that will work with her handicap. She's very outgoing (which is surprising for an almost blind dog) and will take food from my hand. She does tense up if touched but I think she'll adjust and be a good pet.

If you are interested in adopting Barbie, please fill out our Adoption Application. For more information contact his foster mom, Linda McKellar.

Barbie is located in Texas. Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

September 7, 2000

Barbie has been Adopted!

Barbie went to her new home in Reno NV last weekend. Here is a note from her new "mom". Sounds like she has a great forever home!

"She took her first walk on a leash tonight! We only went about 25 yards, stopping when she wanted too, but it was a start! A GREAT start! She didn't fight the leash, she didn't panic at something unfamilar or anything. She saw the other two getting leashes, and acted like she wanted to go too, so we let her. She is fitting in around here like she was born to it!

She still has a bit of jet lag, and wants to go to bed about 6:00 pm and up around 2:30 am, so I just tell her no at 2:30 and she laid back down. She does have a problem with the cats, though -- they are black, so I guess she doesn't really see them, and has run into them once or twice! One of them ran away, and the other just meowed, so she sniffed him. It was rather comical actually. I think she thought it was a shadow she could walk through, boy was she surprised! And so were the cats.

She has even discovered it is okay to be held, and when we put our hand under her stomach to pick her up (I may never let her try the inside stairs, too steep), she actually jumps up to assist the process! I bet you never thought that would happen! I certainly wasn't expecting it, yet we're very glad it has happened.

I think we'll keep the name, she comes to it very well, and it fits in around here. We have several Barbie dolls hanging around, so a Barbie dog works nicely. :) Needless to say, we are thrilled with the new addition to our family, and I think she is happy too."


October 9, 2000

Meet the new Barbie!

A haircut made a world of difference to this little one.
She's turned into quite the lap dog and is doing very well.

Watching the changes in Barbie as she adjusts to life with us, and out of the puppymill, has been heartwarming, as well as heart breaking. We have watched her go from a shy, sweet little girl, to a stubborn, house-smart, inquisitive yet still cautious, sweet girl. She loves the rabbits in their cage, running into the black shadows that are actually cats, and playing with and emulating the other dogs. She learns so quickly -- it only took her a few days here to realize what the other dogs already knew -- getting scratches from the humans feels great! We've seen her go from huddling in her kennel most of the time, to enjoying the comforts of the doggy bed in the day, and laying with the other dogs at night. She's gone from walking away from us when we call her name, to stopping when we call her name and waiting for us to come to her (that stubborn streak showing up...)

She's had a lot of firsts in this last month, I imagine. Her first bath, her first walk on a leash, her first grooming, her first actual collar, her first experiences with rabbits and cats, housetraining (she's got it down, she just doesn't always hold it in!), stairs, and being a lap puppy!!! There is so much more that we will probably never know was a first for her. Like walking past me and licking my hand just because it was hanging down, or not flinching when we go to pat her head. Things our two other spoiled, rescued-from-the-pound puppies take for granted, as they came from homes that spoiled them rotten before we got them. Things that my daughter and I take for granted that every dog should know about. Barbie is learning about them, and with a bit of luck, she will have many happy years to continue learning about them, and forgetting her past that should never have happened.

Thanks, guys, for rescuing Barbie and letting us be her forever home.



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