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In the winter of life so many Brussels Griffons need the warmth and security of love…A loving home can provide dignity and quality to an aging Griff in the winter of its life.

As we walk through the seasons of life think of what it means to be in the Winter of life. Autumn years are upon us and we are left to assess how prepared we are for what follows… the challenges that accompany Winter. We wonder how the years flew past so quickly. We wonder who will help us through this chapter, a time that we have earned. Can we find love and support? Will we have a friend and guardian?

All of nature's creatures face the realities of aging. Unlike humans, our canine friends must depend upon their human caregivers. Like humans, the canine community is living longer due to better veterinary care and medical research.

NBGR's increasing commitment to the senior and special needs Griffs

Over the past ten years, NBGR has seen an increase in the number of senior and special care dogs. With broken hearts, many Brussels Griffon owners turn to NBGR to take their beloved pet. They have no choice; all avenues have come to a dead-end for them. NBGR is there, but we need your assistance to stay there!

Many individuals who bred for money are now finding the costs and trouble more than they can justify and are relinquishing their older breeding dogs to NBGR to care for. Most of these relinquished dogs have never experienced walking on grass, a house, a bed, or a loving and gentle hand upon their head. How can you deny them these small gifts during the final walk?

How it works, Guidelines and Donation Instructions

Brussels Griffon Paws of Winter, Senior & Special Care Program is designed to heighten awareness of the care and needs of senior and special care dogs. Ask yourself:

   Can you give back to the breed you love?

   Are you willing to take in a senior Brussels Griffon in the winter of its life?

  Can you offer love and attention to a pet that has lost its caretaker in life?

Consider the following ways you can help…

  Adopt or agree to foster an older Griff. If we do not have a foster home available, we have to turn the dog away.

Can't handle losing the senior pet?

We understand that committing to taking in a senior dog has heartache written all over the paperwork. The path you share together may be short. You become attached to the old fellow who snores in the corner. It takes a special person to volunteer for this journey. A new member of your family, to be included and loved! What a lucky dog to find you.

Any other way you can help? YES, there is… become a Virtual Caretaker

As you can imagine, these winter paw dogs are taking a toll on the funds in the NBGR General Account. In most cases, the dogs turned over to NBGR are in immediate need of veterinary attention to relieve pain or discomfort. You can become a Virtual Caretaker by making a one-time donation towards that special dog that caught your eye. Better yet, consider a longer-term pre-determined dollar amount over a selected period. We will share special moments with you and when possible send you a current photo of your dog.

  Consider being a Virtual Caregiver. It is an opportunity to commit a monetary donation to senior or special needs dogs in desperate need. A blue POW griff logo means the dog has been given the status of a "Forever Foster" of NBGR.


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