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September 1, 2005

I am so very happy to let you know Vinnie has been found! I received a call this morning around 8:30 from my veteranarian. She told me Vinnie had been found. The lady that called gave her his rabies tag number and it was in fact Vinnie! I have picked him up and he is currently at the animal hospital so that he can be checked out.

I will be writing you with the complete story very soon, at this time I can hardly contain myself. I am so overjoyed!

Thank you very much,

Went Missing in Kansas City, MO
August 17, 2005

From Vinnie's owner:

10 month old Brussels Griffon puppy, Vinnie, is missing. He was not at our home and is unfamiliar with the area he ran away from. On August 17th around 6:30 p.m. I was visiting a friend at the new house he was moving into at 41st and Cambridge, near Westport Road and Stateline Road, in Kansas City, MO/KS. I took Vinnie with me so that he could play with the other puppy there in the backyard. Vinnie escaped from the yard and I haven't seen him since. He was last seen by a neighbor trying to get into my car, there are scratch marks where Vinnie tried to get in, but I wasn't there. I was inside. Vinnie was also seen possibly headed toward KU Med off Stateline Road. Vinnie was wearing his black leather and silver spiked collar when he got away. The collar had a blue rabies tag #9206 from Union Hill Animal Hospital hooked to it when he went missing. Five of us combed the surrounding area calling Vinnie's name for at least two hours until it was too dark. I thought the next morning that the animal hospital would call us to tell us that Vinnie was found. Still no call.

Thursday the 18th we placed more than 300 flyers in the area, only to have an early morning thunderstorm leave all our hard work in wet crumpled messes. It has rained every night since we plastered our flyers throughout the area Vinnie was last seen. It seems that our effort to alert everyone that Vinnie is missing is washing away each evening.

Vinnie is my best pal, he means so much to me and I cannot fathom the thought that I may never see him again. Please help me get my puppy back. I will exhaust every effort to find him and I need your help desperately. I have registered Vinnie with www.kcpetconnect.com, posting an $800 reward, and with www.petlocater.org . I have also placed an ad in the Kansas City Star classified section, which should start running today, in the hopes that a friendly pet lover has found him. I have contacted and visited animal shelters, visited animal hospitals and made phone calls to any place that may be able to assist me. I will visit all of the animal shelters again today in search of my missing friend. Vinnie does have a microchip, # 071 526 849. The microchip is still registered in my breeders name and I have made her aware of his disappearance in case she is notified that he has been found.

Vinnie's description: chip # 071526849, rabies tag number 9206, Blue rabies tag from Union Hill Animal Hospital, KCMO monkey like elfish appearance, flat face, large expressive eyes and prominent under jaw, has a natural under bite, teeth are straight compact sturdy body, rough, wiry but soft coat, wavy fur, fur is fringed around the nose cheeks and chin, natural ears (not cropped) short tail. Red/Blonde/Golden fur color, 16 pounds.

If you have any information that can help Vinnie return home, please notify National Brussels Griffon Rescue contact, Bethann Lane at: griffyudx@comcast.net.



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