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July 9, 2003

Puffin is now happily back with her owner!

She had jumped into the car with a very nice lady who had two small dogs at home and she was very well cared for until her rescuer saw a poster about Puffin in town and contacted her owner. What a nice Happy Ending! (See note from Lynne at the bottom of this page)

Lost in Bellville, TX
July 4, 2003

The following is an email sent out by Lynne Anderson, a friend of Puffin's owner.

Just got a phone call from Jennifer Bowers (DVM) whose personal pet, Puffin, just disappeared from the area near her clinic here in Bellville, TX. Apparently, while Jennifer was out of town, the person in charge of walking the dogs today had Jennifer's dog Puffin outside when Puffin ran into the high grass. She was seen a few minutes later by a patron of the restaurant next door, and apparently was headed back to the clinic. When the woman (now thoroughly paniced no doubt) got back to the clinic, the dog was gone. Someone at the restaurant apparently saw a couple of cars drive by the clinic and slow down. What actually happened is not at all clear at this point, except that the dog is missing. We will be putting out flyers, etc in this area. But we'd appreciate as much help getting the word out as we can get.

Here's the description:

Call Name: Puffin
Breed: Brussels Griffon
Age: 3-1/2 (looks older because of gray on the muzzle)
Sex: Female
Color: Brown & White with black points (Official coloration: Belge)
Weight: 8lb
Identifying tags, etc: none (no chip, collar, tag)
Owner: Dr. Jennifer Bowers, DVM. Bellville TX
Contact: Lynne & Dan Anderson, 979-865-5953 - dan@industryinet.com

Please distribute this note to any Houston, Bellville, or central Texas rescue group and especially to any Brussels Griffon group, and anyone else you can think of who might help. Dr. Bowers has helped my rescue for years. She is a very special person. A lot of rescued Malamutes owe their lives to her

If you see or hear of a dog that might match Puffin's description and story, please contact: Lynne & Dan Anderson, or Marjorie Simon (713-783-8887)


The below is a follow-up sent out by Lynne Anderson

Thank you to everyone who crossposted my notice about Puffin, the little Griffy, who was lost in Bellville, Texas, on the 4th of July. We papered this small community with flyers and hit every rescue list we could think of, and all of the vet offices here and in nearby communities. It worked. Today, a lady who has a second home in Cat Spring, a little community outside of our small town, came into town and saw the flyers. She called, and in an hour Puffin was back home with her mom, Jennifer. Apparently Puffin spent a few days living the good life with her Good Samaritan's small dogs. She slept on the bed and munched on Eukanuba. Puffin seemed to think she'd been on a vacation. Those who love her can now sleep at night. MANY THANKS!




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